The hard work

Now after all the pictures I have posted, especially of the ship I am currently building, one might ask “Why on earth would you spend hundreds of dollars on models that you have to build yourself just to play a game?”. Well, the first thing that I would like to point out is that it is more than just about the game. I love painting and building the extremely detailed models. Building is actually fun because the sets give you a variety of options of weapons you can add for your vehicle. For example, a robot which I build called a Dreadnaught has two sides. Each side can carry a weapon, and the options were flamethrough, lascannon, missle laungher, and heavy bolter. I chose Lascannon and flamethrower, and it was fun and interesting choosing. Each weapon has its strength in the actual game, las cannons are good against vehicles while flame throwers are good against infantry up close. Painting is always fun too, since you can choose exactly how you paint your models. My dad buys quite a few models from the game just so he can build and paint them, after all they are quite detailed and attract many different hobbyists from all over the world.


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