The game

Now if you have noticed on my posts, there has been mentioning of the difference between my models and the packs they come from. That is because all of these models are apart of a board game that is played throughout the world. This game is called Warhammer 40k. It is a game based on the future where man kind struggles for survival against all sorts of alien races. This game has set basic rules but they are very flexible so players can customize their armies as much as possible. After all, that is what makes Warhammer 40k unique from other futeristic board games. The models of the races I own are the Spacemarines (elite soldiers of man kind), imperial guard(man kinds army), tyranids (savage aliens), and the Dark Eldar (an evil branch off of the Eldar, pirates who have a sick pleasure in giving others extreme pain). My main army is the Space marines, they are mostly strong units so when fighting, my army will most likely be smaller than the opposing army (using a balance system of points, where stronger units are worth more points) since space marines tend to be worth more points than other races infantry. Also there are set chapters (platoons, sections of the army EX navy seals, marines, and army when it comes to the US military) with set paint schemes and models, however you are allowed to create your own which is what I did. I call my chapter, Storm Marines. I either paint my models in the color of dark clouds, really dark stormy skies, rain, or fog. 


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