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Now for those of you who do not know, I wrote my project 3 essay about Puebla and how it could be turned into a Utopian society. What really helped on this essay was the fact that I was born there, lived there for six years, and visited three months ago. Thus I was able to see the before and after of the changes in Puebla. This is one of my long posts so if you do not like reading too much you may not want to read this post. After all it has to be at least 800 hundred words and thats like, 4 pages


Now, when I went back to Mexico three months ago due to my grandfathers’ serious medical condition, I realized that a lot of things had changed. For example the airport looked like it had a mall on the inside. It was a lot larger and much more elegant that it was four years ago. There were shops on every corner of the airport and lots of restaurants and gift shops along the hallways. However as soon as we got outside, I realized the other ways Mexico had changed. As soon as we were on the streets we were stuck in long traffic. Every car slowly advanced inch by inch on the road until we got on the interstate roads. The streets had a little bit of trash scattered on them, and they used to be quite clean four years ago. Not to mention there were a lot more buildings and fewer plants, with the exception of the new park that was built near my grandparents (on my moms’ side) home. Of course there was a little less traffic in the streets that I grew up in but the new roads did not seem to help much elsewhere. There were a lot of new shops however which added to variety of things one could now buy; and the great thing was that they were still family run small businesses, and none of them were going out of business. The old buildings from when I was born were still there, yet still quite elegant on the inside as they kept being refurbished; however, there were plenty of new modern buildings in a new section of Puebla that was built. Everything had modern colors like silver, grey, and red with interesting designs. There was much less traffic in this new area and fewer shops. However my family said that the best taco shop they had visited was in this section. Of course the sudden increase in buildings was probably due to the sudden increase in the population. There was a lot more people in Puebla now than there was back then. Now you’re probably thinking “Well yeah population tends to increase with time” but this was a rather big increase compared to a normal city. However nothing too bad seemed to have come out of the population increase so that was not too bad of a problem. However the one thing that really bothered me was the fact that the water problem, had not changed, whatsoever. The water from the sink was still not drinkable, it was a pain trying to wash my hair as that water made it a bit sticky, and I was often thirsty. One would think that after a lot of years of not having drinkable water in sinks one would try to fix this problem, but apparently no one did.

Now before I keep on ranting about the problems, I decided I should instead start stating ways to fix them. Now what I think should be the number one priority is the water. Clean disposable drinking water in every home is the main problem Puebla should move to fix. Placing a water filtration center would be a great idea and solve this problem, true it may cost money but not only would it provide jobs but it would clean the city’s water supply, which is more than worth the money it will cost. The second most important problem is the trash. A city needs clean streets in order to be healthy and perfect. I was thinking that Puebla should do the same thing the American cities did when they were polluted; and that is getting a large group of volunteers and employees to clean the streets of the city and to enforce littering restrictions. Perhaps by enforcing the littering restrictions Puebla could hire more cops and thus create more jobs. The next biggest problem is the traffic. Now, I would suggest for Puebla to just keep building bridges, but I believe I would have to be more specific since Puebla has already built a lot of bridges over the roads. So I suggest building bridges everywhere, especially in crossroads and intersections. Perhaps building tunnels along with these bridges might help immensely.



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