Project 2

Probably one of the funnest essays I have ever written besides the one I wrote on Sima Yi in my senior year in High School. Now the reason why this essay was so fun to write was because I wrote it on one of my favorite hobbies, not to mention one of my favorite places of all time-Games Workshop!!! Here is what I wrote on my project about how I came to know about this hobby, and about the place in which it is most commonly sold and played.


I first found out about Games Workshop when I still lived in Mexico. I was about five years old and my dad went on frequent business trips to the United States. He often brought souvenirs from the places he visited. One day when he came home he brought with him a large cardboard box which had a really cool picture of these men who were in armor shooting at an unseen enemy. It still looked pretty cool though, and even more so to a little boy. I could not stop looking at the box and thinking it had a lot of really cool toys in it, such as action figures of the guys drawn on the cover of the box. However dad told me that the things inside it were fragile and that when I was older I could play with them. In the mean time he gave me a rulebook for the game you play with the models; of course knowing that it had thousands of complicated words, my dad just bought it for me because he knew I would just look at the pictures and I did. The pictures were of the models for a specific army in the game “Warhammer 40k” called the “Space Wolves”; The models that were shown were men in full armor carrying cool looking guns, really futuristic tanks with giant cannons attached on all sides, bulky robots that were bulky and carried big weapons, and finally the space wolf models facing different models from other armies on small, realistic, handmade battlefield dioramas.

I started learning more about the game and got into it when my family moved to Iowa. I was now able to read English and was getting into art, so knowing that “Warhammer 40k” was a game where one had to build and paint everything you played with seemed really enticing to me. So I actually read my rulebook and became interested in the story that someone made up about the army and in how the book showed you how to paint Spacewolf models. My dad decided to take me along to the Games Workshop store. It was amazing; I saw so many different models of aliens, soldiers, robots, tanks and more. Not to mention that when I got to the back of the store there was a little field with the models on it, sadly it said do not touch and I could not play with them. So my dad bought me some and I built and painted the models by myself. The quality was not very good of course but it only made me want to practice more. I soon learned a little about how to play the game by reading the games official rulebook. I kept asking my dad to take me to the shop every week and every two or three weeks he took me there. However, soon after my family moved to Tennessee.

            In Tennessee my family and I did not know where a Games Workshop store was and I became very busy with school, acting, Taekwondo and other activities. However I did buy a videogame about Warhammer 40k and became very addicted to it. One day, my dad came home saying he had something to tell me, when I came downstairs from my room to see what it was, he told me he had found a Games Workshop store which was huge and that I would really like. I was excited and anxious to go there for the rest of that week until finally, in the weekend, my dad took me there, it would soon become one of my favorite places to visit.  

When we arrived, the first thing I saw was the giant statue of a space marine at the front of the building; it was right in the middle of the parking lot so it was really hard to miss. As we entered the parking lot I also saw a giant symbol which was an eagle, with two heads and really straight wings in the corner of the building, it was the imperial symbol. As we entered, we were greeted by tall walls covered with boxes and boxes of models from all the different games Games Workshop made. On each side of the door there was a display case with models that the employees had built and painted. There was also a large wide table covered with different containers of paint and models that had not yet been painted. There were kids and adults sitting at the table learning how to paint and following the step by step instructions of the instructor. Four small tables with small battlefields on them displayed a few models from each of the popular games Games Workshop sold so that people could learn how to play. Then as I looked to the right I saw a very long room filled with large tables with giant battlefields on top of them and people playing on them with the armies they brought from home on them. The battle fields included the ruins of urban cities, a large field with a few buildings and trees, a small village on a large plain, a barren alien planet with what looked like tall alien spikes on it, a building partially covered by moss and surrounded by water and so on. The workers were friendly and all of them were experienced players of the game. The games that were being played seemed to take a lot of thinking and time, but were fun to watch, tanks going through the streets avoiding soldiers hiding in the corners, infantry taking cover in the trees and on the buildings, large scale shoot outs on the open fields and so on. Everything that was needed to play was sold there and was displayed on the walls. The walls themselves looked grey and metallic. The soundtrack from the Warhammer 40k video game was being played through the speakers in the building. I would soon visit that place quite frequently. They had a few computers there so the people could show videos of how they painted their models online or new ideas for game scenarios and so on.


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