While I was working on project 2 I realized how amazing practice really is. In almost everything everyone does, the first time we do it, it is terrible. Whatever that thing is, from a drawing, to a shot at a goal, it is a total disaster the first time (usually, unless you got lucky or your a prodigy). However, if one enjoys this certain activity they keep practicing it, and soon one can see his own progress over time. For example I used to be horrible at drawing and now I have six people wanting to see more of my drawings on Another example would be the models I paint from Games Workshop. I have an am uploading pictures of the old models I painted and the new ones, and the difference is amazing. Yet another example is the creations in spore. Spore is a game where one starts out as a cell (which he creates) and evolves into a creature, and a tribe, and a civilization and creates everything he builds and plays as. However, the share your creation feature has created another main mode of the game. Creating creations to see who can get the most comments on theirs and have their creation featured on the main spore website. At first my creations started out like this Image ImageImage with no comments and ended up on the featured page or with a lot of comments and looked like this (actually my creations, all pictures belong to me)ImageImage ImageImage


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stocks man stocks i am awesome stock market, in a way, ok you know what i make money in real life so shut up DX
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