Poject 2 interviews

Now this was the part of the project which was new and interesting for me (though all of it was interesting). I did not know much about the workers in the Games Workshop: World of Battle or what they did there. When I interviewed them I learned a lot about the workers, the place, and the features that were available in that place. In fact, the information I gathered made me love the place all the more.


When I visited the store in November 3rd, I interviewed a few people who worked there. One of the people whom I interviewed was David Swan. He is one of the people in charge of opening new stores across North America. He told me that the building was first created to ship to all stores that sold games workshop merchandise in Tennessee. The offices in the other part of the building were also there when the building first opened. It soon became the Games Workshop HQ for North America. Now, when the retail store was opened, the building became quite popular as people began to visit. Then a question arose.

            The place is not currently being contested for, but, there used to be an issue. A year ago, having a retail store in a building that served as a warehouse and as a shipping center did not make sense. So the people in charge of Games Workshop were actually thinking of moving the retail store to Baltimore. At the time, the store had already become a destination spot, so lots of people did not want the retail store to close. Of course the Games Workshop staff was excited about the idea of moving the HQ to Baltimore since they would have a store that would become a destination spot. Many people did not agree with the overall idea. However the store in Tennessee closed anyway, but for only three months as it was soon decided that it was convenient to have a retail store attached to the building which contained and made most of the models. Well, the factory inside made the plastic models; the fine cast metal models are all made in the UK and shipped to North America. The store now has a new name, “Games Workshop: World of Battle” and has started a Facebook page for anyone interested in visiting and/or attending its’ events.

            So as explained the building is used for managing shipping, making plans on opening new stores across North America, and trying to sell merchandise to other hobby stores in Tennessee. However, when I interviewed a man named Don Mclnturff, a worker in the shop who is part of the retail support team, he told me about the other things the shop did. He explained that the store “Combines selling the product with teaching people how to get the most out of the product.” Not only that, but it does so right on the spot. So if one bought their first model, he could be taught how to build and paint it, by the staff, the same day shortly after purchase. Now his job was trying to help open retail stores across North America. That included teaching the managers hobby skills in order for them to understand the product that they will be selling. His team also builds the display tables, the models, and paints them for the displays that are used in the retail stores.  

            The last person I interviewed was the Manager of the store. His job is selling the games, helping to teach everyone how to play the game and coming up with events, of which he posts the information on Facebook (He told me to add that to my paper), that happen almost every week and he tries to keep the store popular so that it is always a sought out destination spot for hobbyists of all ages so that it doesn’t close again. He has made a new club that will meet on Thursdays so that anyone can come in and learn absolutely everything related to Games Workshop merchandise.

            So I interviewed some of the people that worked there and some of the people that travelled around North America opening stores. The people in charge of opening stores seemed to like the idea of the store in Tennessee being the HQ so that probably will not change for a long time. However it can be contested for again to see if they want to expand the building to focus only on shipping models and move the retail store elsewhere. Of course, with the stores current popularity, it seems very unlikely that it will happen anytime soon. But one should still try and visit it as soon as possible. After all, it’s a great place for anyone who is interested in a hobby, or just wants to see the most of what Tennessee has to offer. 


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