How to Paint a Games Workshop model (My way)

Well there are many ways to do it and they are quite complex, but here is a simple basic summary of what I do (Dr. Gross if you follow this step by step you should have a detailed awesome work of art). Once the model is build (using the instruction manual) decided what colors you want to paint your model. If you decided to paint your model in a combination of light colors, then spray the entire model with a white base paint. If the combination of colors is dark, spray the model with black base paint. Once you have done this gather all materials needed to paint model (paintbrush, paints, tiny cup full of water, napkin). Choose the color that most of the model will be (armor, clothes, stuff that is most of the model). Use that paint to paint all of the model again. Now choose a lighter tone of that color, dip the paintbrush into that paint and brush it against the napkin. Then start painting the model. You will notice that there are only a few streaks on top of your first coat. This adds a camouflage/realistic affect to the paint. Once you are done with the whole body (or whichever part you wanted) add in the details slowly and carefully with small brush (remember to wash the paintbrush in water before switching colors)


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