Stock Market SUmmary

I ended in last place, but i made the most money in wone week than anyone else, I made 4 thousand dollars in last two weeks, thekey is to find one company and invest everything in it, yahoo finance is the best site for information on companies. DO not rely to much on earnings announcements unless its a big, well known company. Wallstreet top buy list is a must buy stock list. Headlines also help. Big famouse companies that are down have a high chance of going up but do not buy alot of shares of them unless something says that they will go up, like if their releasing something new. If you want ot make money, invest about 100 thousand dollars  in agood company. Never buy a company right after tehy shared their earnings, also with some small companies, sell right before they do. With companies like apple adn google, you wan to buy a couple weeks before they show their earngins announcement, and you want to invest all yoru money wwhile donig so. IF I could start the game again, i owuld have invested more money in less companies,  i would have not risked too much on a little research. I would Have bought a lot of google before they released earnings adn same with aapl. I would Have sold CYD earlier.. I inested too little in too many stocks.


About germanthemaster

stocks man stocks i am awesome stock market, in a way, ok you know what i make money in real life so shut up DX
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