StockMarket 12/03/10

I made more money in Fed Ex, if i knew the things i do now i would have won, but i learned to late adn thus i ended up in last place, but now i know how to win, only companies that have a high chance of making a lot of money by releasing their earnings are the Big well known companies, do not own a lot of different stocks, invest in 2 stocks which you know will probably go up, sell right before it releases its earnigns if you cannot check your stock the whole time the market is open. Never buy stock which is up, has no upcoming events, or/and is not that well known. when buying low stocks, it has more of a chance to go up but do not buy small unknown companies becuase they might actually be going out of business.


About germanthemaster

stocks man stocks i am awesome stock market, in a way, ok you know what i make money in real life so shut up DX
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