stock market 11/16/10

Alright so i am down quite a bit, so here is some advice that i have for otehr players so they dont end up like me-at the bottom. If a company is predicted to go way up, invest quite a bit of your money in it but when it gains you alot of money, sell it(ex CYD). if you hear on the news and see that they are predicted to go up, do not invest too much on them, it can go up if they are some off the more well known companies like goog and aapl. Be careful when investing in unknown companies or in companies that are at their bottom, it is quite risky, alright well wish me luck as i try to recover from my 6 thousand dollar loss. Im investing in C now that it was at its all time low and it is predicted to go up, im investing 12 thousand dollars into it, it must go up in the afternoon and i will sell it then, its one of the few way si can catch up


About germanthemaster

stocks man stocks i am awesome stock market, in a way, ok you know what i make money in real life so shut up DX
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