opinion on stock market and some hints and tips 11/12/10

though i am in 21 place i know a lot about the stock market, probably more, quite a bit more than the people in first, what got me into the mood of writing this is when some internet stocker told my teacher i was doing blogs and asking him why, he seemed to have skipped my tab on my stock market blog for today, i was simply done with by job in the stock market, i have been doing research since i was in 18th place and it has put me up a little then totally blew me off to 21st place today, cyd totally killed me, could have recovered that money knowing it would go down but the game didnt let me sell short. One cannot base all his actins based on research in the stock market, in the companies i invested in, the year charts looked good, events looked great, newsletters promoted them, and then they made me lose tons of money, if one wishes to join the stock market in real life he better have the time to be able to check it from 8 am to 3 pm, and on top of that, time to do research and watch tv and see what people have to say about that, so it is better for most people not to get into stocks, it is better to instead put your money in the bank since it is guarenteed a percent raise for being there, or to invest it in savings bonds which also guarentee more money later on, only downside is that its less and takes more time, but there are no risks and it is worth the waiting. The stock market requires a lot of skill or a lot of help, one should not join it in real life unless he has one of these things. I do not know what to do now that all my tactics have failed me, i guess thats why i finished early, i am lost and clueless, i saw and i could have made money by getting short but teh game did not allow me. Im almost in a hopeless situation, since in the stock market, one cannot be sure what will happen.


About germanthemaster

stocks man stocks i am awesome stock market, in a way, ok you know what i make money in real life so shut up DX
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